Microsoft Project Tutorial

As project mananger people expect a lot from you: keep track of the project, the resources used, the budget and deadlines. MS Project is the program which most of the project managers use to cover all the aspects of project management in detail in an controllable and easy to use environment. With a series of Microsoft Project tutorials you get the chance to learn the basics of project management in ms project 2013 such as planning and sharing of project, allocating resources and tracking time and budget. We will work on one project throughout the Microsoft Project tutorial and work on all aspects of project management.

At the end of the MS Project Tutorials you will be able to:

  • Create a project using the right level of detail necessary. You can work with a summary of the project or change to more details when it suits you. Let Microsoft Project 2013 schedule tasks in the project automatically or control your schedule manually.
  • Create and manage tasks, work, resources and costs of your project. Track and manage these variables throughout the project.
  • Get a summary of your project in different views and highlight what is important or urgent for your project at the current and future time. Sorting and filter gives you the data you need at the time you need.